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Welcome to Dry Cell Plans, brought to you by Punch HHO!

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Learn how to increase your fuel economy by 20% to 50% or more!
Decrease emissions and help the world!
Increase the power of your vehicle with these simple plans!

5 Years of Research and Development right here at your fingertips!


Now the question that must be popping into your mind (since I am sure
you have seen other EBooks about HHO)... Why Dry Cell Plans over
Them??? Well, I am here to tell you why. We are the ONLY EBook on the
internet that has updated information on the newest technologies on
HHO. The others are using technology that is years old! Where are the

The Dry Cell is the newest technology in HHO, period! The Dry Cell is
over 100% more efficient than their wet cells! Our dry cell produces 1
liter per minute for every 10 AMPs, versus their 1 liter per minute for
every 30 AMPs.
Do you want some "Mickie Mouse" set up or the real deal? Theirs has
heating issues, ours don't. With their set up you will most likely melt
the electrodes right through the PVC!!! This will cause you to have to
rebuild and rebuild, getting frustrated and not acheiving the results
that you set out for!
With Dry Cell Plans we have brought to you the newest technologies
available. No over heating issues! No melting of the electrolyzer! No
electrodes falling through the PVC! Dry Cell Plans is 100% more
efficient, more durable, and of higher quality than theirs!

They don't tell you where to find the parts to their systems! They
don't tell you the tools you need! We do!!! They just keep you guessing
and make you more and more frustrated! We even show you how to order
the parts to our system without even leaving your house!!! More
information than ever before! There are NO SECRETS with Dry Cell Plans!

Now that you understand Why US over Them...
Are you ready to start saving money, polluting less, and enjoying more
Then look no futher, Dry Cell Plans is here for you!

Have you always wanted your own super efficient dry cell? You don't
want to pay someone to build it for you? Searching the internet daily
for detailed plans on how to do it yourself? Well, you have finally
found the right spot on the net! Drycellplans is here to provide
you with extensive plans on how to not only build your own dry cell but
where to find the parts to do it!
Our extensive dry cell plans include written instructions, full color
cad drawings, video tutorials, installation instructions, and a special
bonus for all of our customers - the highly coveted Micro Torch,
including how to construct your torch tip, flashback arrestor, and
more! Read below for more info!!!

What Are You Purchasing?


Full Color, 3D Step by Step CAD Drawings

By purchasing you will gain access to full color, 3D CAD Drawings. The
drawings are an exact visual support depiction of the detailed text
description and explanation of how to assemble your new dry cell.

Our CAD expert designed these drawings with you in mind. Each and every
part is drawn to scale and very easy to follow. The depictions are
fully supported with detailed measurements and explanations, i.e. top,
bottom, right, left, etc.
All CAD Drawings are printable so you can make your own notes on the

*** Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Any JPG Reader ***

Complete Parts List
w/ Parts # and where to get them

Now this has got to be one of the best parts of the kit! It took us
months to locate the parts and perfect our parts list. Sure, you could
run around blind trying to piece everything together trial and error
style, waisting a ton of time, money, and gas! But, with our Complete
Parts list we will not only tell you how many of each part to get but
exactly how to acquire them without even leaving your house!
We give you two options: You can purchase the parts yourself using our
parts numbers or you can order complete kits directly from us - Shipped
Next Day!!!

*** Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Adobe Reader ***


Video Tutorial

Your membership will also include a very detailed video tutorial
showing you step by step, from beginning to end everything you will
need to do. Not only how to do it, why to do it, but also what to use
to create your own dry cell.
Sure, you could eventually figure this all out on your own. But, why
fumble through all of the steps and deal with all of the hassles and
drama when we have already done it for you?
The Video Tutorial is the most powerful part of this kit and it is
something that most other kits do not include! Includes lifetime update
videos of all of our discoveries and creations to keep you up to date!

*** Use Window Media Player Version 9 or higher ***

Downloadable Written Instructions

We offer two forms of picture supported text instructions. downloadable
PDF file and web based printable instructions (because not everyone has
a computer in their work shop)!

The instructions are basically a text version of the video for those of
you that would rather read and comprehend than watch and understand.
Obviously another great thing about printing out your instructions and
parts list is that you will not need a computer present to order parts
or begin assembly!
Includes automotive installation instructions and micro torch assembly

*** Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Adobe Reader ***

These plans are as complete as it gets! Don't be fooled, this isn't
your usual E-Book that is thrown together quickly and carelessly. We
also include instructions on how to build your bubbler and water tank!
Including all of the sealants , adhesives, the best kind of hose to use
to plumb everything, how to hook it up, install it, operate it,
maintenance it, everything that we could possibly think of to make HHO
a good experience for you!

Bonus - Micro Torch

We will teach you how to make an easy to use, safe, reliable torch head
with flashback protection.
The Micro Torch is one of the most coveted secrets on the internet!
This special bonus will teach you everything you need to know about how
to use your electrolyzer as a Micro Torch, safety precautions, and much
Includes detailed written instructions and video tutorial. Also,
includes detailed pictures, part numbers, and video samples of the
torch system being used.

*** This is a FREE added bonus with no additional cost or upsell ***



Dry Cell Plans is here to help you understand HHO, learn how to
experiment safely with HHO, teach you how to use HHO as a supplemental
fuel on your car, and more!
If you are ready to take the HHO challenge and make way to the future
then click below for instant acccess to our memebers area!
We offer full support to all Members. If you have any questions,
something is not fully understandable, or you just think we should add
something else that could help you and future members... just send us
an email! We will reply within 24 hours and update our website with
what ever information you are requesting!

Order a Punch 5.0 completed and ready to install From PunchHHO


*** $77 one time fee for Premier Access! ***
*** No renewal fees or monthly membership costs!!! ***
*** You are purchasing Instant Web Based access to this product ***

Contact / Support - Members Login

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